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EDC Chairmen & EDC Staff

Okaloosa County, Florida

Leading technology, superior lifestyle, boundless opportunity.

Programs & Events

The EDC is proud to sponsor activities supported by EDC members, affiliates, and community volunteers in order to accomplish its goals for the enrichment of Okaloosa County. As a need arises the EDC will form an ad hoc task force to address a critical issue in respect to Okaloosa's economic health.

Working together we ensure that Okaloosa County remains the leader of Northwest Florida industry, and continues to be recognized as one of America’s "Top 10" best places to live and prosper.

The EDC is a non-profit private-public partnership serving as Okaloosa County’s primary economic development organization.

A not-for-profit organization exists to provide a public service to the community rather than to make a profit... the primary objective of the organization is something other than making money. Non-profit organizations typically rely on contributions to fund the services they provide.

The EDC originated in 1982 as The Committee of 100 of Okaloosa County, Florida, Incorporated. In October 1987 the Committee was recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(6) Not-for-Profit. In June 1989 the members and directors, under the laws of the State of Florida, unanimously voted to change the Committee's name to The Economic Development Council of Okaloosa County, Florida, Incorporated.

View the EDC's Fiscal Year 2016 Accomplishments 

The Council’s primary objectives are:

  • Facilitate existing industry growth, diversity, retention and expansion
  • Attract and recruit targeted industries
  • Develop a technically skilled and available workforce
As a non-profit organization, the EDC is governed by a board of officials, The Business Leadership Council, consisting of approximately 65 individuals to include the Executive Committee officers, which are elected into voluntary office. The Council operates by a set of bylaws and a code of ethics. The staff consists of three full-time employees, one part-time employee and two independent contractors on a part-time basis. The EDC is assisted in accomplishing its objectives through the volunteers of standing committees and ad hoc task forces.

EDC Chairmen
Fiscal Year 2017 Chairman Kelly Murphy-Redd, CEcD, Ruckel Properties 
Fiscal Yr. 2016 Greg Britton Fiscal Yr. 2003 Joe Brewster
Fiscal Yr. 2015 Ron Moliterno Fiscal Yr. 2002 Roger Hall
Fiscal Yr. 2014 Angela Balent Fiscal Yr. 2001 Gloria Frazier
Fiscal Yr. 2013 Jim Heald Fiscal Yr. 2000 Calvin Wilson
Fiscal Yr. 2012 Dr. David Goetsch Fiscal Yr. 1999 Herb Tinsley
Fiscal Yr. 2011 Dale Peterson Fiscal Yr. 1998 Freddy Carr
Fiscal Yr. 2010 Gordon Eldridge Fiscal Yr. 1997 Dr. David Goetsch
Fiscal Yr. 2009 Dr. Paul Hsu Fiscal Yr. 1996 Dick Manely
Fiscal Yr. 2008 Cindy Frakes Fiscal Yr. 1995 Judy Byrne-Riley
Fiscal Yr. 2007 Chuck Shanklin Fiscal Yr. 1994 Steve Riggs
Fiscal Yr. 2006 Fred Leopold Fiscal Yr. 1993 Dr. Bob Richburg
Fiscal Yr. 2005 Gene Smith Fiscal Yr. 1992 Don Anchors
Fiscal Yr. 2004 Tracy Conerly    

Honorary Lifetime Members

  • Dr. Pam Dana  
  • Dr. David Goetsch                                


The EDC is a non-profit private-public partnership serving as Okaloosa County's primary economic development and business advocacy organization.

Mission Statement

Support a quality-of-life community that reflects leading technology diversification, superior lifestyle, and boundless opportunity through existing industry retention and expansion, workforce development, and expansion of key industry clusters.

The EDC of Okaloosa County works with start-up, expanding, and relocating businesses to help them with site location, financing coordination, state and federal incentive program applications, and business community awareness.

Primary Objectives

  • Retain, expand and diversify the existing economic base.
  • Promote technology-based economic development.
  • Promote retention of military resources in Okaloosa County
  • Enhance community awareness of EDC programs and services.
  • Collaborate with educational institutions to ensure a highly skilled and diversified work force.

Primary Target Industries

  • Advanced Technology
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Bio-medical Technology
  • Electronics Design, Manufacturing and Communication
  • Engineering Services
  • Machining and Metal Fabrication

Elements of Strategy

The EDC’s vision embraces a vibrant and diverse economy for both urban and rural components of the county. The strategy includes:
  • Diversification of Okaloosa County’s economy, supporting multiple industry clusters.
  • Partnering with government to minimize the burden on the local infrastructure while maximizing on the competitive economic strengths that are available throughout the county.
  • Promoting the retention and growth of our military resources.
  • Establishing a stronger investment market though an increased export of wealth producing goods and services.
  • Integrating all available assets, including workforce, education, quality of life and infrastructure into a working model that supports the growth and diversification of our economy.
  • Marketing and promoting quality developments that:
    • Ensures competitive growth without sacrificing the continual growth and development of our existing technical base
    • provides the development of high wage/high skill jobs and increases the per capita income for the residents of Okaloosa County
    • minimizes the burden on our existing infrastructure while maintaining the high quality of life that is provided to all citizens of Okaloosa County.
    This strategy incorporates the EDC’s basic principals of quality growth, retention and expansion of existing industry, and attraction of new industry and entrepreneurship.

Awareness Communication Vehicles

  • World-class website.
  • Bi-monthly newsletter - The Voice of Progress.
  • Participation with local civic, governmental, and commercial organizations
  • Collaboration with local, regional, and state economic development partners.
  • Monthly interview broadcast - The Vision of Progress.
  • Multimedia marketing materials.
  • Target industry trade events.
  • Quarterly networking symposiums or events.
  • Interactive Building and Sites Database Portal - www.okaloosasites.com
  • Social media interaction - Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn
A listing of Okaloosa County businesses may be viewed on the EDC investor page.


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